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Meet The Team


Roze Navab

Managing Director

The Founder of the company, Roze came up with the concept of the Twin Studios Project in 2018 after meeting the Secretary to Coventry's Lord Mayor, who explained the history of the city and its work in pioneering Twinning.

Her past includes working in radio and television, as well as building an understanding of business when shadowing the Managing Director of Coventry Business Improvement District (BID). Currently a Media Production student at Coventry University, Roze works part-time teaching media to young people at Coventry Boys and Girls Club.

Cody Maycock


A film specialist, Cody became a company Director in 2019, offering his skills in videography and editing.

Since becoming a member of the team, Cody has worked on producing content and shows to go out for our partner organisation, Studio Reevo. As well as this, he is an independent film-maker, frequently creating documentaries and experimental videos. Cody is currently a student at Coventry University studying Media Production, with British Sign Language alongside his main degree.


Kestrel Esin


The latest member of the team, Kestrel Esin joined in 2020 to complete the group and contribute a new set of skills.

Like the rest of the Directors, Kestrel is a Media Production student at Coventry University. Here, they have built a strong bridge between their work in media and music. As the lead singer and supporting guitarist for their band The Neighbours Kids, Kestrel has performed at many Coventry Venues, such as The Kasbah, The Arches Venue, and Square One.

Currently, Kes runs interview series Round Trip, where they meet with creatives across the world. Check it out below.

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