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Twin Club

We are looking for 6 talented artists to deliver 2 workshops each for community groups across Coventry themed around our 26 twin cities.



Applications open 10th June 2023 till 24th June 2023.


Welcome to Twin Club, an exciting series of 12 workshops created by six talented artists, all inspired by Coventry's 26 twin cities. Our workshops are thoughtfully designed to engage elderly and disabled groups, taking place in carefully selected community venues across Coventry.

Each artist will explore two twin cities, delving into their rich arts and culture scenes. With this research, they will craft unique workshops tailored for each chosen twin city. Rest assured, no two workshops will be delivered to the same community group.

Here's a glimpse of the captivating workshops we seek:

  • Create stunning paper stained glass windows, inspired by Dresden's iconic Cathedral.

  • Discover the art of Chinese calligraphy, influenced by the vibrant city of Jinan.

While we encourage applications themed around any city, we particularly value workshop proposals focused on the less active twin cities. For a comprehensive list of cities, please visit our home page.

To honour their creativity and dedication, each artist will receive an artist fee of £250 per workshop, along with a limited budget for materials and expenses.

As we are working with vulnerable groups, successful applicants must provide a valid DBS check. This freelance contract signifies a collaboration with Twin Studios Project and not direct employment. Artists are responsible for their own tax and NI obligations.

Applications are open from June 10th, 2023, until June 24th, 2023. We will notify successful applicants by the following week.

For any inquiries or clarifications, please reach out to Roze Navab via the provided email.

Thank you, and we eagerly anticipate your extraordinary ideas!

This project is proudly funded by                                                 

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