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In 1948, Coventry made history by forming the world's first twinning link with then-Stalingrad. Since then, millions of cities across the world have hopped onto this trend of friendship and solidarity by forming their own international connections. Coventry itself has amassed a total of 26 twins. 

We believe in using these links as a platform for creative and cultural collaboration which is why at Twin Studios, we connect Coventry and its 26 twin cities through music, media and arts.

Twin Studios Project

Photo of Dresden, Germany

Our Twins

  1. 1944: Volgograd, Russia

  2. 1947: Kiel, Germany

  3. 1947: Lidice, Czech Republic

  4. 1955: Saint Etienne, France

  5. 1956: Dresden, Germany

  6. 1957: Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

  7. 1957: Warsaw, Poland

  8. 1957: Belgrade, Serbia

  9. 1957: Caen, France

  10. 1957: Graz, Austria

  11. 1958: Arnhem, Netherlands

  12. 1959: Ostrava, Czech Republic

  13. 1960: Bologna, Italy

  14. 1960: Cork, Ireland

  15. 1962: Dunaujvaros, Hungary

  16. 1962: Galati, Romania

  17. 1962: Kecskement, Hungary

Past Projects

Kingston Link

Coventry x Kingston, Jamaica



Ukraine Solidarity Festival

Coventry x Ukraine

Music and Poetry Festival

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-23 at 3.12.45 PM (2).jpeg

Digital Tablecloth

Coventry x Volgograd, Russia

Photography & Art


Dresden Pilot

Coventry x Dresden, Germany



Live Commissions:

Twin Club

Art workshops

Multiple Twin Cities

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