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Twin Studios Project CIC

International Collaboration; Global Promotion

Mission Statement:

After the Second World War, Coventry, UK and Volgograd, Russia came together to start a trend of cities twinning to join in solidarity. Now it is time to take this important historical concept into the 21st Century with new ways of building on this relationship.

The Twin Studios Project aims to join Coventry UK and its 26 twins through music and media. Our team of media specialists include students and graduates; digital experts and traditional advocates; those who like being in front of the camera and those who prefer to produce. Our team will work to connect artistic groups in similar fields from various cities, and guide them to create something incredible. We are working with these communities in order to carry on the work of generations before us.


Twin Studios Project understands that in order to continue the work of our twin cities, we must not discriminate based on religion, age, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. We understand that in order to inspire one another, everyone should have the opportunity and encouragement to take part in their passion and share their story.




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Dresden Pilot

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